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Grab Your REQUIRED Class Supplies - The Prosperity Bundle

Your Ultimate Small Business Blueprint!

This comprehensive Business In A Box takes launching and growing a business to the next level. Most aspiring entrepreneurs start a business, but quit their business within the first year due to lack of guidance, resources, and information. The average aspiring entrepreneur may have a great product to share with the world but lack business planning and fundamentals to help them maintain and run a profitable business. Cash flow is limited in the beginning, most times aspiring entrepreneurs can't afford to hire a Business Coach, to help them avoid common business mistakes. Don't allow lack of guidance/direction kill your amazing business idea's, The solution is the The Prosperity Bundle.  
  • Unlock the mindset shift it takes to become a successful business owner.
  • Unlearn myths about being an employee to step into your true power an an entrepreneur. 
  • ​Discover 9 manifestation keys that will accelerate your growth as an aspiring entrepreneur.
  • Discover your true brand identity to give you a competitive edge within your market.
  • Learn how to establish business credit and obtain vendor credit through sales.
  • ​Discover 4 banks to get an easy approval business credit card with.
  • ​Learn how to locate vendors out the country that will manufacture your product for the fraction of the cost.
  • ​Learn how to price your products and set profit margins
  • ​Learn 3 secrets to managing your finances as a small business owner.
  • ​Learn how to set realistic obtainable goals in your business.
  • ​Learn 7 key terms that will help grow your cash flow as an entrepreneur. 

The Prosperity Bundle Is Ideal For Aspiring Entrepreneurs Who Have Been Treating Their Business Like A Side Hustle!

  •  Don't have a LLC / EIN.
  •  Process payments using Cash App.
  • ​Making sales through DM with no systems in place.
  • Don't have a business banking relationship.
  • Lack true brand Identity.
  • Sound too salesy on the gram. 
  •  Don't know how to price products. 
  • ​Don't know how to find vendors to help manufacture products.
  • Don't have a website in place.
  •  Failing to make 1k consistent per month. 
  • Struggle with marketing strategies. 
  • ​Struggle with planning and setting realistic business goals.

Turn your dreams into reality with the Prosperity Bundle!

Nesha B.

CEO Nesha B. quit her 9-5 at 20 & turned her side hustle into a full corporation by age 23 & was approved for her first company vehicle. 

NO personal credit check. 
NO income verification. 
NA-DA just her EIN & PHOTO ID. 


Success Don't Happen Overnight But It Does Happens When You Take Steps To Secure Your Future Everyday!

Nesha B

Why Choose Us?

Conqueror Consulting Group is a strategic consultancy that offers business formation and compliance services, credit building, funding strategies, and cash-flow solutions to help entrepreneurs launch, grow, and sustain the financial future of their businesses. We have worked with motivational speakers, authors, mental health advocates, event planners, truck drivers, real estate agents & more to secure the long term success of their businesses.
As an aspiring entrepreneur when you fail to plan, you plan to fail and you will learn how not to fail, calculate your steps, and move with strategy, using the Prosperity Bundle.
If you don't prosper after fully executing with the Prosperity Bundle we will refund you 100%
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What our Customer's are saying
My experience with Conqueror Consulting Group with the owner herself has been very rewarding. She’s a young entrepreneur with so much knowledge from credit repairs, starting a business, marketing, to securing the bag, literally. She is always spreading her knowledge to others through her social media platforms. I am pleased with my results from my credit repair journey. Thank you Nesha!
@Brittany Leblanc
Conqueror Consulting Group has helped me work through my personal and business finances. I have purchased the Conquer Your Business and Prosper book and that was the jump start to my business, starting my business credit was important and I didn't know much about it, this book was very informative. The owner is very helpful, insightful and educated, she knows her stuff. I value her products & professionalism. Thank you for all that you do.
Omg , where do I start ? I did a discovery call with Nesha and I must say she gave me enough motivation to last forever . Oh and knowledge ? That lady knows her stuff and not scared of sharing with others . I love it here . I look forward to doing more business with her company .
@Marisa Walker

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