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CCG Business Building Class Happening in Baton Rouge, La Sun, September 18th 8am - 5pm  is a hand’s on experience for Aspiring Entrepreneurs who have very little knowledge of business. If you're ready to make a plan and execute it so that you run an organized and legitimate business this is the perfect class for you. 
During class our CEO will show you the ropes of business, the good, bad, and ugly. She will provide practical tools that will boast your confidence and remove those anxious feelings of always wanting to "quit" your business.

Whats Included? 

Class Materials 
Money Management & Budgeting Packet
Fillable Business Plan
Fillable Market Plan
DIY Small Business Checklist
Full Complimentary Breakfast
8 Hrs. of Hands On Business Building
Group Coaching
Day Break Refreshments

Nesha B

Learn how to properly run your business and stay organized. 

Haven't launched your business yet?

Perfect! You will learn how to effectively launch your business idea's, so that you're able to qualify for grants and loans down the line. 

Already launched your business but struggling with consistent sales?

No worries! You will be provided practical tools and strategies that'll set you apart from your competitors, increase your business revenue, and have you dominating social platforms.

Learn The Strategies I Used Turn My Side Hustle Into A Corporation Within 3 Years.

This Is A 100% Hands On Small Business Formation Class That Will Teach You How To Budget Your Finances,Create A Solid Business Plan, Structure A Legitimate Business, Level Up Your Marketing Online & Offline Strategies. 

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Your business is not fully incorporated. 
  • Your business do not have a clear plan.
  • Your business lack systems, organization, and structure.
  • ​Your business do not have proper systems in place to track and control your business finances.
  • ​Your business can not generate profit and lose and other financial statements.
  • ​Your business is still using Cash App as your merchant, and/or cash as your primary form of payment.
  • ​Your business marketing strategies are failing.
  • Your business is struggling with content creation and being consistent on social platforms. 
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Under no circumstance will a refund be granted, or transferred to another class date, so book accordingly. Immediately upon confirmation, you will be directed to sign a consent form, failure to sign consent form will result in your seat being forfeited and your full payment will be refunded. 

If Your Answer Was Yes To Any Of Those Question
You Can Not Afford To Miss Class

  •  Gain a clear understanding of how much it takes to run your business and create realistic goals that will help you replace your 9-5, and go full-time into entrepreneurship. 
  • ​Stay organized in your personal/business finances to help you be able to afford the operations of your business.
  •  Structure a legitimate business that will help you establish business credit and qualify for funding. 
  •  Learn the systems and tools you need to have in place to operate a successful business.
  •  Level up your Brand Identity on Social Media platforms to attract your target audience. 
  • Learn marketing strategies that will help you reach your ideal customer online and offline.
  • ​Get answers to your most frequently asked questions centered around Business & Credit from Coach Nesha B. who have 3 years of skin the game.
  • ​Get lifetime access to Nesha B. private Business Building Facebook Group for additional accountability and support.
  • ​Receive First Hand Access & Discounts On Future Courses & Class 
  • ​Receive A Exclusive VIP Invite to Nesha B. Business Credit Like A Boss 90 Day Coaching Program.


Don't think I will stand and lecture you, nah boo this will be some Boot Camp Major Payne style hands on getting down to the nitty gritty type ish. Haha. Don’t be afraid we are going to have a great time. I'm here to give you the clarity you need to take your business and brand to the next level and increase your coins, because we don't treat sh* like a side hustle over yonda.

Here's What Others Are Saying About Nesha B. Class
Don't Miss Out! Seats Are Limited

"I really enjoyed the class!" - Courtney W.

It definitely didn't feel like it was 9 hrs. So informative, and I loved that it was a small group and hand's on. I learn best that way. 

"Full of knowledge, gems, strategies and inspiration." - Jessica S.

I took the hands on Business Building course and went in empty but left full. Full of knowledge, gems, strategies and inspiration. The class was very detailed and engaging. Nesha was patient and informative, you can tell she’s passionate about coaching others to have a successful business. It was so much information and important details that I lacked and/or didn’t have knowledge of, that was covered in the class.

"Nesha made it make sense!." - Ortia

With every word she spoke, Nesha made it make sense! I loved it here! It was definitely the knowledge for me. 

"Truly A Gem!." - Kayla Chaney

I attended the 8hr small business building class. Truly a gem! I got tips on budget planning, properly structuring my business and great marketing strategies! Preparing for the next course.

"Hands down the best investment" - Shydrica Edwards

Hands down the best investment I could have ever made to take my business to the next level! Neshia B was so Informative and passionate about teaching her class the ropes of business building. She didn’t hold back any information and didn’t end class until she made sure each of us (individually) had complete understanding of what was taught. I can’t wait to utilize it all!

"I came all the way from Katy Texas." - Bridget A. 

I learned so much that I didn’t know about branding, business and personal credit! It was worth the drive from Katy to Baton Rouge! I’m excited about rebranding my business. Nesha has a wealth of knowledge so if you’re looking to start a business or take your business to the next level...definitely sign up!

"Great experience and knowledgeable." - Geraldnica Morrison . 

This experience was great and knowledgeable. Very much needed to help me structure my business.

"I learn something new everytime." - Ronesha Morgan

I’ve taken more than one class from Nesha. I can honestly say I learn something new everytime!!! I consistently come back because of the knowledge being gave. I highly recommend her services!

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